Petite Nymphet - Custom: Nose Blowing


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Custom Video: 1. You stand at the sink in your bathroom. You need to blow your nose and take some toilet paper to blow. Please hold the paper with your right hand when blowing. You can also induce some sneezes (best before starting the clip) eg by inhaling a bit of pepper or chinkkni. 2. then you take a shower. Total time in the shower should be around 2 minutes. You blow your nose a couple of times in the hands (say10 - 15 times or so) while still in the shower. Please blow in both hands and also in your right hand. you could also play a little with your breasts, but focus is on nose blowing. If you want to induce some sneezes again feel free to do so but again not too much time spent on sneezes as nose blowing is focus. 3.. Then you exit the shower, towel off and start to blow your nose in the towel. Please also do a number of good blows (5 or 6). Please try to do loud honking blows throughout. Please hold the towel with both hands when you blow. 4. Then continue blowing your nose in a large handkerchief (or bandanna or a large napkin, whatever you have). Please blow holding the hankie etc. with both hands and also in your right hand and your left hand. 5. You then finish up blowing in toilet paper a couple of timesīŋ¨Tags: nose fetish, glasses, loud nose blowing
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