Princess Bambie - Your Friends Perverted Little Sister

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In this (custom) video I play one of my all time favorite roles: Your friend's kinky little sister. You walk by my room and catch me having an intense sexting session on SnapChat. In my sexy little bodystocking, booty plug,and collar, I edge myself closer and closer to cumming and you watch as I record it all for my boyfriend. I bring myself to an intense, pussy shaking orgasm before showing off to him how wet my tight little pussy has gotten for him. When I look up from my Snap, I'm shocked to see you standing in the doorway of my bedroom. Instantly embarrassed I attempt to cover myself up, telling you that my brother is going to be so pissed at you if he knows you came into my bedroom without asking. You ask if my brother knows how much of a freaky little slut I am and I beg you not to tell him. I ask what I have to do, and offer to show you the sexy outfit my boyfriend picked out for me, and even let you help me take out my booty plug. Unfortunately for me, you're still not convinced. I jokingly ask if I'll have to give you a blowjob to keep you quiet which you think is an amazing idea. I agree, but only if you promise not to tell on me. After giving you one of my world famous sloppy deep throats, you tell me that the only way you'll stay quiet is if I beg for you to fuck my tight sweet little pussy. I'm nervous at first, telling you my boyfriend will be soooo pissed at me if he finds out and agreeing but only if you promise to keep it a secret from both my brother and my boyfriend, and not give me any more stipulations once I do. Still sucking on your cock I begin begging for you to fuck me, my mind getting naughtier and naughtier, asking you to please fuck my tight little cunt. Then finally you have me lay down on my side and fuck my pussy
Role Play, Deepthroat, Butt Plug, POV, Solo masturbation