Roxy Cox - Harley Gets Batman Bulging


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Roxy Cox
Harley's got a hold on Batman and now she wants to see what the Bat has got in his pants. She teases Batman and tells him that she wants to compare his cock to Mr. J's. Harley noticed a bulge in his pants and just has to takes out his cock. He is much bigger than Mr. J, she starts to stroke and blow him and tries to get a load out of Batman but he resists. "Come on Batsy, I'm trying to have fun here", Harley gets out a spray that she got from Poison Ivy, and sprays it in Batman's face. "Wow that is some strong stuff." says Harley, "your cock got even bigger". Harley starts to blow him and he shoots the biggest load in Harley's Mouth and on her face. "Ivy did say it was very effective", and she also said it would make your bodily fluids very addictive and that I should be very careful. Harley loves the taste of Batman's sperm so much her eyes roll back as she plays with the cum. Sticking her tongue out, blowing bubbles and drooling over his big throbbing cock oozing with cum. "She also said that the effects of the spray last for 8 hours, I think we will have a lot of fun" says Harley as she starts riding his cock. Harley bounces on Batman's big cock and it's not long before he shoots a load in her pussy, but Harley has the taste for his cum now and wants more. "I need more of your Batseed", knock me up!!" She continues to ride his big throbbing dick harder and faster, eventually draining another huge load out of him and filling her up. Harley loves to see so much cum dripping out after a good hard fucking and knowing Batsy has impregnated her makes her even more wild. Harley lays on her back spreads her legs and plays with the cum, rubbing it all over her pussy and hot body. Then she demands Batman fuck her in missionary and give her some sloppy seconds. He fucks her hard again and she is loving it, "that's it Batsy give me that cock, fill me with more cum!!!!". He spunks inside her cunt again and she starts playing with the cum eager to taste it and rub it all over herself. Lots of sloppy fingering and cumplay here from Harley. Harley is craving Batman in her ass now as she puts a few fingers in her asshole and than orders Batman to fuck her ass. Harley's pussy is dripping cum still and she uses that as lube to finger her tight ass. Batman fucks Harleys ass again and again, filling her up with multiple creampies and she lets all that cum drip out and Batman's cock is so big there is so much cum flowing out. Harley gets on her back again and spreads her legs while shacking with pleasure and playing with the cum. "Only a maniac would dose you with such a load" says Harley and then blasts Batman face with another load of Ivy's spray. Harley eyes widen, she can't believe it, "I think they call you the batman for different reasons". Harley can't keep her eyes of the size of his cock, staring at it and licking the entire 15" shaft. "Let me get something to compare it", Harley gets her baseball bat and compares it with his cock. Harley worships Batman's...
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