Roxy Cox - Naughty Nurse wants your sperm

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Roxy Cox
You've came to the fertility clinic right on time for your appointment and ready to give your sperm sample. I the nurse lead you to your cubicle and tell you where to put your sample and there's some reading material to help you get that sample done nice and quick. I'll be back in a few minutes to retrieve your sample. So how are you getting on, you must be done by now? No, what's the matter no sample still well looks like those dirty magazines didn't do the trick well your the last appointment today and I did say I was here to help. I pull out my big round tits and I'm going to get a sample from you and some extra ones just for me. I want you jerking that dick off for me, yes put it right between my big tits and fuck them, make them bounce up and down. I start wanking your dick harder, faster and licking the head of that cock as I do. I get so bored here at work and all you horny men jacking off in your cubicles giving your samples well now I want all of your cum. Your horny nasty slutty nurse is going to take all your cum for herself. Taking your cock deep down my throat, I bend over and pull my white panties to the side. Wank that cock for that tight wet pussy, I want you to shove that cock in and pound me hard like a nasty slut. I ride on top of you and bounce on that dick, I just want all of that cum deep inside me but I want it all in my tight asshole. I love getting my ass fucked hard and want you to creampie my tight as with that big load. Oh we are still going to give your sample don't worry I push all of that cum out of my tight ass and let it flow into your sample cup. There such a big load and it's an even better sample now mixed in with my ass cream. Well you best get going now I'll clean up here, hmm that was so good but I'm still fucking horny now he's all drained I'm gonna have to find some more cum to play with. Well there were those samples from earlier, I could just say there was a spillage and they had to be tossed and I'll just call the subjects back in to give another sample. I'll put these samples to good use, my syringes full of cum I want that cum deep inside my little cunt mm yes with a bit of luck all that cum will get me pregnant. Nothing more I enjoy that playing with cum and filling my holes with it. I fuck that syringe and creampie my pussy and play with the cum as it drips out of my wet fuckhole. Tasting it and then I squirt it all out and love my cunt juice mixed in with that cum. I've got another sample left, only one hole left to fill that dirty mouth. I empty all of the cum into my mouth swirling it around and swallowing and spitting some out onto my tits and playing with it licking it off my fingers tastes so good. I better go book those guys in again after their samples mysteriously disappeared
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