RussianBeauty - Cold feelings

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Customer wrote: For this video, you'll need a cold beaverage can out of the fridge. Start naked, rub your clit and tell, what you're going to do. Stay on edge and fight your orgasm for a prolonged time. Tell me, you would like to feel my hands on your clit, you want me personally to bring your orgasm in form. Also tell me, how you would use your hands to make me orgasm for you. I want to hear your idea, how you want me to come for you, how many contractions, which contractions stronger, whatetver you think.When you can't hold back to come, say "I'm coming", stop rubbing and put the cold can on your clit and pussy. Say "shit" on first contraction, I love that. Keep the cold can on your clit until you're finished coming. Tell me how it was and how much it destroyed your orgasm from 0 full orgasm to 10 completely ruined.And, please, don't talk while coming, except "shit". And don't play around with hands while coming. I just want to see you coming. One clean, screwed up orgasm
Masturbation, Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial, Redhead, Tease & Denial