SamanthaStarfish - Pie Filling Fuck Fest!

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I love getting dirty! I am a filthy little girl! I get off on being dirty and filthy and smearing all kinds of nasty stuff all over my body! But sometimes I like to over my body in sweet delicious things as well! I have four different kinds of pie filling, two pie crusts, and a nice big can of whipped cream! I also have a huge dildo to fuck myself with once I'm nice and dirty! I start with the whipped cream! I want to taste it and smear it all over my big tits! Then I start to cover myself in pie filling! I talk dirty to you as I get really messy! Once my body is completely covered I fill up one of the pie crusts with the filling and whipped cream! I\'m going to push it right into my face! Do you want to see me splat this pie in my face! Oh! It feels so good! The pie filling is everywhere now! I get out my big toy and fuck my pussy with it! I am getting pie and whipped cream all up inside of me! I like it! I want to cum so bad! But I've got another pie crust to push into my face! After I load up the second pie crust and splat it right on my head I start to fuck my horny hole again! I'm such a dirty slut! I get off on being covered in a huge mess! I have pie all over my body and I'm about to cum! I\'m about to cum so hard! Enjoy!
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