Savannah Fox - The wimp wins part 1


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Jay wimp is walking home from school with Shawn. As usual Shawn is picking on Jay for the way he is dressed. Shawn tells him that he look like a total dweeb and is never going to get any pussy dressed like that. They walk inside Shawn's house as Shawn continues to rag on Jay for being such a nerd and loser. Shawn's mom Sophia is in the kitchen and hears the boys come in. She hears Shawn down the hallway making fun of Jay and she gets pissed. When the boys come into the kitchen Sofia immediately begins to scold her son. She yells at him for talking that way to his friend. She has had this talk with him before about not being a bully. When Shawn tries to speak Sofia just yells at him for being rude and orders him to leave, he is going to be late for baseball practice. When jay goes to follow Shawn, Sofia holds him back and tells Shawn that jay is staying with her. When Shawn tries to protest she orders him out. She turns to Jay and apologizes for the way her son has been treating him. She urges Jay to stand up for himself. Jay is embarrassed and just says its ok and makes excuses, everyone at school picks on him. Sofia tells him to be a man and stick up for himself but Jay is so embarrassed that his moms friend is talking to him this way he can barely mutter out a few more lame excuses. Sofia mistakes Jays nerves for being upset over Shawn's taunts and wants to comfort him. She wraps her arms around Jay in a big hug. As she pulls Jay toward her his face is close to her immense cleavage, Her shirt is so low Jay can't help but nuzzle his face into her giant soft breasts, startled Sofia pulls away but after seeing the panicked look on poor Jays face she decides to give him a embrace again. This time she lays Jays head down on her ample cleavage and rubs his head. Sofia comforts jay by promising to punish Shawn. She pulls Jay even tighter to her and he is almost lost in her flesh. She rubs his head and asks if there is anything she can do to make Jay feel better
BBW, BBW Domination, Breast Smothering, Older Woman / Younger Man ., Bra Fetish

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