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All this time, you've been lead astray from the path .. wandering lost in an aimless search for true meaning in pleasure. Never attaining it, you never knew what it tasted like, what the weight of it would do on your tongue and to your mind. Angel is here to guide you towards the light. She shares her mindfucking message with you, bestowing purpose upon you. As your God, worship is a must .. and only in repetition will you finally come to understand what the Divine Goddess has in store for you. Open yourself up, become vulnerable before your leader and let her wisdom, power, and beauty captivate you. You yearn for a place. Angel is here to tell you that you belong. You have a new reality. You will finally belong. You need Angel. This is only the first few minutes of the full length video 'KNOW YOUR PLACE' that you can find for sale here on ManyVids! 60 fps.

Foot Fetish, Goddess Worship, Mind Fuck, Religious, Sensual Domination