Shannon Heels - Bestie Film Night Butt Fuck


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I am such an anal slut! I just had a stranger I met off the internet come over and fuck me in the ass! He came so quickly though, probably because my arsehole is so tight. So I'm still mega horny, and I'm on my sofa playing with the fresh cum in my butt hole. Tasting it, smelling it, fingering it and rubbing it all around. I'm still in my school uniform, don't tell my rents! They don't know what I get up to when they aren't home yet. I hear a knock on the door... fuck! Was that tonight? I totally forgot you were coming over. My tits are all exposed and I have cum dribbling out of me. I quickly sort myself out and let you in. It's my bestie! We had planned a film night, I totally forgot. We chat for a bit before I win a thumb war and choose the film. We are sat watching the film with some popcorn, when I start to feel the cum dribbling out of my arsehole from the stranger before. I am so fucking horny still. Hmmmm.. I wonder? Would my best friend be interested in fucking me? He has a girlfriend, but I have seen him staring at my butt. Plus, I'm pretty sure he has sneaky photos of me bent over on his phone. I throw some popcorn on the floor 'accidentally' and bend over to go grab it. When I do you notice I don't have any panties on, and you can see the cum dribbling out of my bumhole. You know you would love to fuck me, right? I tell you all about the stranger who came over just before you arrived, and play with the dribbling cum in front of you. It gets you hard and excited, so I turn around and suck your cock in preparation, the cum still dribbling out of my arsehole, fingering my bum as I suck your dick, knowing what's coming. I can't take it any longer and squirt all over the floor, cum and squirt coming out of my holes. Now, it's time for you to lick it all up! Go on, tongue fuck my hole, I know you've always wanted to know what I taste like. You lap it up like a good friend, before you ram your cock inside me in all different positions. I sit on you reverse cowgirl, spreading my thick cheeks wide open for you, before you explode your thick load inside me. I squeeze it all out over your dick and lick it all up. Never knew I was an anal loving slut did you? Perhaps we could make this a weekly thing? Featuring: Anal | Anal Play | Anal Dildo | Shoe Fetish | Roleplay | School Girl | School Uniform | Redhead | Socks Fetish | Shirt Fetish | Taboo | Ass Spreading | Ass Licking | POV | Cum in Ass | Blowjob | ASMR | Handheld | Upskirt | PAWG
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