Shannon Heels - Chav Knows U Sniff Moms Panties


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WARNING TABOO HUMILIATION CONTENT Oi Oi, here he is the pervert. What have you got in the fucking bag mate? It's lunch time and I'm hanging out in the classroom. Tits bursting out of my shirt, headphones in, shortest skirt practically a belt. I snatch your bag off you and find that you've been stealing my friends clothes from their gym bag. What the fuck? You're a sick fuck you know that? I take them out and show them to you. You've stolen panties, shoes, swimsuits, etc. I call over to my mates Jessica, Louisa and Zoe and tell them what an absolutely dirty cunt he is. We all laugh at you and tell you you're pathetic. I make you take out your dick, as soon as I see it I burst out laughing. What a tiny dick you have? Go on, use your pinky to tickle it you filthy twat. Then, at the bottom of the bag, I find another pair of panties. Only this time they are bigger. Are these your mums panties boyo? Errr they are all crusty you dirty cunt. Go on, I want to see you wank in your mums panties. Cum in your mums panties go on. I laugh as you cough up a bit of cum into them. I toss you back her knickers and tell you to fuck off. Featuring: Humiliation | Extreme Humiliation | Taboo | Mommy Fetish | SPH | Small Penis Humiliation | Dirty Talk | Excessive Swearing | Roleplay | School Girl | School Uniform | Panty Fetish | Laughing | British | Chav
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brat girls, panty fetish, sfw, sph, taboo, verbal humiliation

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