Shannon Heels - Dragon Gunge Fuck Fest


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*60fps Full HD Movie* Where the fuck am I? I'm tied up, with tape over my mouth, and have no idea where I am. I've even got different clothes on, wtf? Omg. He's coming over. He's got... some sort of huge dragon cock. He rips the tape off my mouth. "Where am I? What is this place" He walks away, and grabs a bucket of some sort of green slime. "Noo Nooo please not that!!" He climbs up and empties the whole bucket over my head. It's so gross!! "What is wrong with you? Do you get your kicks out of humiliating women?" He shoves the dragon cock in my mouth and cums out more green slimy gunge in my mouth. I'm gagging and spitting it all out as it runs down my face, covering me all over. At first I totally refuse, but his dick is so big, it's like nothing I've ever seen before. I start to feel my pussy get wet, and I want more. I really want more. I beg him to shove his dragon cock in my pussy and pump me full of green slime and he does! I'm in total ecstasy. He cums all over me and inside me until I am a ruined mess. Do you want me to be your gunge slut from now on? Featuring: Sploshing | Wet & Messy | Gunge | Bad Dragon | Big Boobs | Bondage | BDSM | Cumshots | Creampie | Cum in Mouth | Close Ups | Chubby | Dildos | Dildo Fucking | Fishnets | Face Fucking | Gagging | Glove Fetish | Humiliation | Kink | Long Hair | POV | POV Blowjob | Blowjob | Rope Bondage | Submissive Sluts | Slave Training | Spitting | Taboo | Topless | Boot Fetish | Wellies | Welly Fetish | Shoe Fetish | redhead | British
Size: 1.15 GB
bad dragon, rope bondage, rubber fetish, sploshing, wet & messy

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