Shannon Heels - FUCKED UP FAMILY


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WARNING TABOO CONTENT!! MUM: I'm waiting for my husband to come home. I'm horny as fuck! I know he fucks about, with other whores... I know he likes long black boots. You know what, I can fuck better than any of the whores he fucks. I dress up in my fishnet outfit, long black shiny boots, and trench coat. Now... I want to suck his cock dry and let him pound me and pull my long hair. Wait... Whats this?? Our slutty daughter is watching!! Fucking herself while mum and dad are rolling around. She wants his cock too doesn't she? Well... I'll drain his balls first, see how she likes it. Bet she can't fuck him as good as I can. DAUGHTER: I've just come home from school, I walk upstairs, and mum and dad are having sex!! WTF! I can't help but watch... I mean, is it weird for me to be so turned on by this? I play with my innocent pussy, flicking my bean and I just squirt everywhere!! I think mum saw. She walks out and says 'I bet you can't fuck him like that...' WOW! Does that mean I get his cock too??? I can only have it in my arse though, I have to stay a good virgin girl. Featuring: Taboo | Step-Dad | Step-Daughter | 2 Shannon's (edited) | REAL SEX | Anal Fucking | Cum Inside x 2 | Roleplay | Blow Job | Deepthroat
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boy girl girl, daddy roleplay, family, school uniform, taboo

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