Shannon Heels - Giantess Vore School Girl


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What have my TiNiES been up to?? Let's have a look in my tin... Hi TiNiES!! You're my tiny little people that I stole! My girlfriend and I kicked and stamped on your TINY TOWN and I rescued you didn't I? I took you and put you all in my LITTLE TIN. Now I'm your BIG BRATTY GiANT GODDESS, and you WORSHiP ME now don't you?? Don't be so scared TiNiES, it's time to PLAY with you now. Why don't you BOW, hehe, that's out, BOW FOR YOUR GiANTESS. Tell me how PRETTY I am!! Now I'm going to make you SWiM IN MY SPiT... hehe it;s so funny watching you all swimming and DROWNING in my SPiT. I'm going to play with the TiNY LiTTLE MEN now, some of your LiTTLE HUSBANDS, BOYFRiENDS + BROTHERS. They're going to TiCKLE and LiCK my HUGE GIANTESS PUSSY + CLIT! Ooops I accidentally DROPPED + CRUSHED some of you into my PUSSY!! Silly ME!! That's it, now CLiMB INTO MY WET HOLES, hehe I bet you're DROWNING IN MY PUSSY JUiCE!! Silly TiNiES!! I'm going to put you all back in to your LiTTLE TiN now until I feel like PLAYiNG with you again. BYE TiNIES!! MWAH xx Featuring: GIANTESS | BRAT | BARE FEET | SCHOOLGIRL | INNOCENT | SINISTER | TINY MEN | GODDESS | FEMDOM
Size: 1.5 GB
femdom, giantess, school girl, school uniform, vore

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