Shannon Heels - Headmistress's School Slut


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I call Shannon into my office, as there's rumours she's been playing with the other girls and boys in class, and getting up to no good in the toilets. She doesn't deny it! I'm her headmistress, wearing nylons, eye glasses and patent heels, while the slut has got her boobs out, bursting out of her shirt, short skirt, hoop earrings and long white socks. She's such as rascal I tell her it is highly inappropriate to be doing this in school. She doesn't listen and starts showing me her pussy! Where are your panties! I ask her. She tells me they got dirty in P.E. She turns around and shows me this butt plug in her arsehole! She just explains that it covers her arsehole anyway, so whats the big deal? She tells me about all the guys and girls she fucked, and how shes even fucked my husband! All of this just gets me very horny, and I tell her this needs an appropriate punishment. Next thing it flashes to her just finishing off licking my pussy. She's such a good pussy licker. Now she's totally naked with a collar and a leash I have put on her. I pull up my nylons and tell her to return to class exactly how she is. Taste that dirty arsehole of yours first and put that butt plug in your mouth! She turns around and has 'teachers pet whore slut' written all over her arse. That will teach you a lesson. Featuring: Headmistress | Double Shannon | Nylon Fetish | High Heel Fetish | Teacher Student | School Girl | School Uniform | Femdom | Female Domination | Lesbian | British | British Dirty Talk | Collar and Leash | Humiliation | Ass to Mouth | Butt Plug
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