Shannon Heels - Looner Balloon Transformation


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I am going to transform you into a balloon. Are you ready? You're all flaccid, look at you, I can even fit you all in my mouth. You're all wet and spitty now. You really want me to blow you up don't you? Let me spread your hole wide open first and tongue fuck you. You've got such a tight hole! Mmm so sexy you taste so good. Now lets blow you up. I tease you and you expand and get bigger and bigger. Let's see how big you can really get! Wow you are so so big! You're bursting you just want to release so badly don't you? Go on you can release all that tension all over my face you big boy. Featuring: Looner | Balloons | Inflatables | pvc | Shiny clothing | latex catsuit | femdom | redhead | british | fetish
Size: 506.72 MB
balloons, balloons non pop, inflatable blow fetish, inflatables, pvc-vinyl, sfw

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