Shannon Heels - Mean Anal Brat Chav


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Oh, you've come to fuck me have you? Just so we're clear, I only do anal okay? I only let black guys in my cunt. I'll probably enjoy it, I guess. Just get yourself hard or whatever it is you need to do. Hurry up though, I have other things to do today. Just fuck my arse and cum already. *rolls eyes* I just want you to know, that this is a fucking big deal for you, fucking me. I mean, have you seen my tits? I'm way hotter than your girlfriend, I bet she doesn't even let you near her arsehole. Oh, and I'll call you Daddy, okay? Maybe you think I have issues, but I just like it, alright? You take such a fucking long time, will you hurry up and cum already? Why are you still here? You want to wank over me as well? Well just fucking hurry up already, I'll play with my tits for you and spread my arsehole, but I have other dicks to fuck today, so don't take the p*ss. Featuring: Anal | Ass Fetish | Anal Play | Asshole | Big Butts | Brat Girls | British | Cum Countdown | Dirty Talking | Daddy Roleplay | Domination | Femdom | Fetish | High Heels | Humiliation | Ignore | JOI | Laughing | Mean | Redhead | School Girl | School Uniform | Taboo
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brat girls, high heels, humiliation, ignore, school uniform

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