Shannon Heels - My Creepy Pervy Tutor


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You're in my bedroom, as we are about to start some tutoring lessons together. My rents have paid for me to get extra lessons, as I need to get good grades. We had to sack the last tutor, he was such a creepavert! Always asking me to do dirty stuff with him. I think we will get along really well though, don't you? I take off my boots and socks so I can get comfy, I have my black nylon tights on underneath, and you can see my pretty toes just about through them. I look at you, and I look confused. Whats the matter? Oh. I see... Me talking about my old tutor has given you some ideas, has it? All men are the same aren't they! Well, I like seeing men get pleasure, as long as you don't tell my rents! I'll let you cum looking at me if you like. Just, keep it between us. You are a dirty old pervert aren't you! Hey, why don't you use my sock to sniff, I could tell you got an erection when I took them off. You can use it to cum in if you like? Hehe, so much cum! Maybe we could make this a regular thing? As long as you teach me something too of course! Featuring: Teacher Student | Tutor | Innocent | Redhead | Teen | Boot Fetish | Sock Fetish | Nylon Fetish | British | Roleplay | POV | Dirty Talk
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boot fetish, role play, sock smelling, taboo, teacher

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