Shannon Heels - Quickie Sister Fuck


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Hey stepbro! We are just messing around before stepmom goes out. We tickle each other and play rock paper scissors to figure out who gets to play the playstation first. Stepmoms about to leave, thank god! Now the fun can start. Lets fuck, yeah? Oh cmon, I know we are stepbrother and stepsister, but no one will ever find out. Plus we've done it before, whats the worst that can happen? We've got to be quick though before stepmom comes home. I strip off and tell you to get your cock out, quick. I get on your dick asap and ride you, my tits bouncing as I tell you how naughty it is that we are even fucking. Stole your virginity didn't I? I think I'm the only girl you've fucked. Dirty boy. Do you think we should kiss? That would make it too real though. Fuck it, I want to taste your mouth. I kiss you and turn around so you can fuck me doggystyle. You've never cum inside me before though. I think now is the time. Cum inside your stepsisters cunt! Just as you cum we hear stepmoms car pulling up on the drive. Quick! Get your clothes back on. She comes back in and we chat to her as if nothing just happened, covering up all the cum on the sofa discreetly. Featuring: Taboo | Stepsister Fantasy | Stepbro Fantasy | Family Fantasy | Dildo in Pussy | POV | POV Kissing | Roleplay | Quickie | Boot Fetish | Redhead | British | POV Doggystyle | Bouncing Tits | Bouncing Boobs | Dirty Talk | PAWG
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