snortneypoptart - Giving Your Brat Step Sister a Facial


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PLEASE NOTE: This is my first time using my ejaculating dildo! I am your 18 year old little sister, you're my step brother....I don't want to see your cock!!! Put it away! I know you're not used to having a sister around but we can't do this big bro... it's not right! What's in it for me if i do??? I want full access to the tv in the living room whenever I want even if it's your turn and then I'll let you cum all over my face! You're home from college and I know you have fantasized about me while you were away, didn't you? I have to admit I have fantasized about you too, wondering if you had a big cock and you do. What? Of course I've played with a cock before... I suck your huge 8.5 inch cock and it makes me cry trying to fit it all down my little throat, you don't like seeing little girls cry do you? Or maybe you do... I keep going deepthroating you as best as I can and swirling the head of your cock with my tongue and jacking you off until you cum alllllll over my face and then I say that even though I really enjoyed it we can't do this EVER again and you can't tell anyone either.
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