snortneypoptart - Hot Coworker Has Never Seen Uncut Cock


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I'm your co-worker and you've come to pick me up for a work event, I bend over to make sure I have everything I need for the trip in my bag making polite chit chat with you, the whole time you are looking down my dress where you basically see my tits. I look up and catch you and then I tell you that I have heard rumors around the office that you are uncut/uncircumcized and if you take it out and show me I won't report this to our boss. I am completely fascinated by your uncut cock because I've never seen one in real life before and it turns me on, we are both married so I won't fuck you but I think it's okay if I show you my pussy too and we masturbate for each other. I want you to stroke yourself exactly the way I want though, I give you a cum countdown and then I say we better get going because we are going to be late now!!!
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