snortneypoptart - Sexy Supergirl Saves your Cock


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First 9 Minutes Handjob, Blowjob, Roleplay. Last 11ish minutes Dildo fucking and roleplay. Landscape orientation HD. Oh no! It looks like you and your cock are being plagued by female alien invaders! Never fear, supergirl is here! I have a secret superpower that can make you - and your cock - invincible from alien attack. You will also be able to produce more cum and be bigger and harder than ever before after I bless you with my protective shield. I stroke your cock all over to begin the lengthy process, talking to you the entire time, telling you it's my duty to protect the cocks of this fine city and much more, before I deep throat your cock and make you feel so good while I transfer you my powers. Then I move to another location, suctioning your cock to the wall and fucking it for the entire last half of the video. Cosplay, Amateur, Costume, Skinny Girl, Brat girl, Supergirl, Superhero, DC, Brunette / Redhead, Tattoos, Stockings, Fishnet, Roleplay, Dildo Fucking / sucking, Realistic dildo.
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