snortneypoptart - Tattooed Girl Soapy Sudsy Cum in Bathtub


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FULL SCREEN. LANDSCAPE ORIENTATION. I climb into a nice warm bubble bath and then rub soapy suds all over my tiny tits while my bath fills up and then I ask if you want to come take a bath with me and my little red rubber ducky and start to touch my clit under the water before asking if you'd like to feel how I'm touching myself and be the one here rubbing my tits. I talk about how much I like masturbating in the bathtub and the only way it could be better was if you were with me, playing. I turn around and show you my ass and ask if you want to see bubbles on it before covering myself in suds. I turn back around and start fingering my pussy with one hand and playing with my tits with the other, talking and moaning. I talk about being a dirty girl before turning around and fingering my pussy from behind for a second before face front again and perching myself on the edge of my tub to finger myself with my rubber duck sitting right next to my cute pussy. I slap my pussy and he nearly falls off the edge but I pick him up and start using him to rub my clit and masturbate. I rub my pussy against the cold smooth tub before going back to leaning on the edge and fingering my pussy hard telling you it feels good and I wish you could help me get all clean. I get my tits close up to the camera and ask if you would want to watch me get all clean for you and squeeze my little soapy tits in front of you, I grab my dildo and ask if you would want to see me put this cock in my pussy, before I suck on it and then rub it all over my soapy body and then get the dildo covered in suds and give it a handjob, telling you to imagine my little hands are wrapped around you making you feel so good while I jerk you off. I ask if you would rub your hard cock all over me until I let you stick it inside and then I push the dildo inside me. I get up on the edge of the tub and fuck myself until I cum hard. I ask you to imagine me bouncing on you like I'm bouncing on this cock and then I make myself cum one more time before pulling the dildo out and rubbing it all over my body and then leaning my soapy tits close to the camera and rubbing them while thanking you for taking a bath with me today and helping me take care of myself so good and tell you good night.
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