SophieShox - Cuckold Training With 17 Monster Dildo


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Today I met up with a long-serving, pin-dick beta who desperately wants to be my cuckold. For a long time now he has served me on cam while I laugh at his little tiny maggot dick, so I decided I'll let him experience the true cuckold fantasy of letting him watch me get fucked. But, and there's always a but, I wasn't going to let him jump straight in to that, no. First I needed to train him up a bit. So to train him up, I had him locked in chastity, and substituted a real dick, for a big dildo, and when I say big I mean fucking HUGE. I made him lube me up while I laughed at his tiny pathetic excuse of a penis, then I made him use the monster dildo on me, so he could get an idea of how it would be to see a real big cock making me shake. Watch him as he fucks me hard with a rubber dick he could only dream of matching in size. Join him in watching this beast of a fake dick stretch my oiled up pussy about as far as it possibly can. Watch how this pathetic wannabe cuck only gets to pleasure me, receiving no pleasure himself other than the pleasure he gets from performing as my human fucking machine. I didn't even let him cum, but you can, and I'm sure you will after watching this
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