SophieShox - Indulging In Your One Shoe Fetish


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Check my newest videos out on page one of my profile! Old video - Custom clip order I made for someone a while ago - no name specified. I come to stay with you for the weekend and turn up to your house wearing one ankle boot, the other foot completely bare. I tell you how I know all about your one shoe fetish, so I thought i'd try it out. I know how much it turns you on so I left the other boot at home. I describe My journey here, telling you how free My foot feels against the ground. Flirty dialogue. I do a catwalk for you on the wooden floor in your lounge, teasing you with POV close-ups of My foot and full body shots of Me walking on one shoe. I sit down for a while on the sofa giving My cute little pedicured foot a rub, showing you how dirty it is, wiping it away. Teasing you some more and I tell you that your taking Me out tonight to dinner first and then the movies and I am going to be wearing one shoe the whole time. 'I don't care if anyone looks at Me' I say and tell you how it feels walking outside like this. Clip ends on Me walking out of the house, outside on the gravel in your garden, abit of slow motion one shoe action too.
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barefoot, foot fetish, one shoe, one shoe hopping, pov foot worship, sfw

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