Sydney Harwin - Wife Is A Panty Stealing Pervert


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You've had a long day at work and your wife wants to get down and dirty with you. You've both been experimenting lately with what turns you on and wants REALLY gets you going.. and you have discovered that you both get hornier when you bring talk of your daughter into the bedroom. Your wife has decided to take things a step further by actually stealing a pair of your daughters dirty panties from the laundry basket and she is wearing them for you, WTF! Your initial thoughts are to say no to your filthy wife, but you can't help but let your cock grow bigger and harder for her wearing those cute panties which were rubbing against your daughters virgin pussy only yesterday. This is ultimately taking fantasy further than expected.. the line is now blurred, but when you feel your wife slide her hot cunt down your dick, whilst sucking your daughters pussy juice off those sweaty panties encouraging you to admit to the most dirty things, you don't give a fuck- you just enjoy it... what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom... right?
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dirty talking, fantasies, panty fetish, pov, taboo

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