TemptressBlair - Beta for Blair


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Theres nothing about you that will change... you will ALWAYS be a beta, face it! At your core, you're just a beta bitch that keeps coming back. It's natural for you to be magnetized and attracted to clips like this, and women like Me. you can't help it, that's just who you are! No matter how many times you delete your account, talk to your therapi!st about it, or deny your beta status, you will always come crawling back, and always will remain a beta simp. What makes you such a beta bitch is that you can't even help it, it's so natural for you to desire to be submissive for Me, that's what betas like you do... Beg to be a useful beta for Blair.
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beta, ebony ass worship, ebony female domination, humiliation, sfw, verbal humiliation

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