TemptressBlair - your New Sex Life


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Let's face it, normal porn isn't cutting it for you anymore, and probably hasn't for a while if you were actually honest with yourself for once. I want you to just be honest with yourself and admit that you NEED humiliation, degradation, and cruelty in order to get off. you're not normal, you don't have even semi-normal fantasies anymore, they've been completely tainted. I bet you never thought just watching a couple of Female Domination videos would lead you down this path, down the path of addiction for embarrassment, shame, emasculation, and pain. you're nothing but a pain slut now and you love it, this is exactly where your pathetic ass belongs... begging to have your perverted and twisted fantasies fulfilled by a Superior woman that would never even look at you unless you were on your hands and knees with your wallet in your mouth.
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female domination, humiliation, latex, pvc-vinyl, sfw, verbal humiliation

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