thenovastorm - Nurse small penis humiliation CUSTOM


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It's a POV simulated handjob video with small penis humiliation. You're a nurse helping a patient pee as he's arms are injured. Once you drop his pants you see a small yet hard boner. You try to act professional but end up laughing and mention how small his penis and balls are. He's ashmed but works up the courage to ask for a handjob. You agree saying you feel bad for being unprofessional and shaming him. You strip down to bra and thong and proceed with the handjob. You ask if I cum quicker and shoot smaller loads since my penis and balls are small; he denies. During the two finger stroking you ask whether I’m more ashamed of my small penis or small balls and say he should be equally ashamed of both. You tell him he deserves this humiliating handjob for being a perv asking other nurses for handjobs and staring down their shirts. You continue on with the mean jokes and comments and finally, you jerk him into the toilet. Humiliate him for how quick he came and how small the load is and how he was lying. Then you flush the load down the toilet saying how this is where his load belongs
Dirty Talking, Nurse Play, Small Dicks, Small Testicle Humiliation, Small Tits