Tigger Rosey - Ur boyfriends sisterly love

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Tigger Rosey
Your girlfriend smiles up at you on the bed, in a cute skirt and pig tails, happy to have the house all to yourselves for the weekend. She celebrates by pulling your dick out and sucking you off but things are cut short when your older sister saunters in wearing a super skimpy crop top, booty shorts, and club slut stockings and demands to know what's going on. Your girlfriend is embarrassed and tries to hide what you're doing but your dick is still hard and she can't deny it. "Omg, you were sucking my little brother's dick weren't you!" In retaliation, your big sis leans in and pants a big wet one on your dick and your girlfriend stammers in disbelief..."what the fuck are you doing? That's my boyfriend and you're his sister!!" Your big sis smirks, "don't you get it? He's been fucking my holes for years." Your girlfriend looks at you, shocked, and begs for you to deny it but you can't... you've been pounding your big sis raw for years... and your girlfriend angrily storms out of the room. You’re a bit upset that your sister ruined your chances with your cute girlfriend but she immediately takes her tits out and begs to make it up to you by sucking you off. As she’s giving you a sexy, intimate blowjob, you spy your girlfriend, pantsless, masturbating in the doorway and she walks in sheepishly. Your big sister is amused at this turn of events and she starts to play with your girlfriend, grabbing her ass and stripping her down to nothing, fondling her tits and keeping you erect at attention. You can’t believe this ridiculously sexy turn of events! Both your girlfriend and your sister want you to cum for them! They start dirty talking together about how fucked up and hot it is that your sister’s been banging her brother all this time as they get more and more turned on, spreading each other’s asses and sucking each other’s tits. Your big sister decides it’s time you get your dick wet and she helps glide your cock into your girlfriend’s wet tight pussyhole, cheering you on and playing with your girlfriend while you fuck her creamy cunt. Before you nut everywhere you need to fuck your slutty sister too and you slam her pussy with your throbbing rock hard dick as she squeals and moans for you and cums so fucking hard! You pull out and nut all over your slut’s faces as they beg for your cum load to cover them completely….buy the vid to see all this and the sexy twist at the end!! Featuring taboo brother sister roleplay, cheating seduction, homewrecker, girl girl, tit sucking, breast fondling, fingering, facials, massive cumshot, some ahegao, slutty big sister, girlfriend roleplay, submissive sluts, glasses, pig tails, virtual missionary sex, pov dildo fucking missionary sex, begging, ass spreading, dirty talk, fantasy, masturbating, orgasm, moaning fetish, and the lovely Little Puck! littlepuck.manyvids.com
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