undercoversluts - Pastor Seduced by Congregation Teen Pt 1

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Bekky, who just turned 18, and is a good, god-fearing young lady, texted me seeming very upset. I invited her to my home, as I sometimes do as a youth pastor. She surprised me by admitting to me that she had been experimenting sexually with her long time boyfriend who is also in the church. She begged me for a way to help her stop sucking cock, and told me she just needs to know what an orgasm feels like, then maybe she could abstain from sexual relations until marriage, like a good Christian girl. Me, being her elder and much more experienced in the bedroom than her, was able to eat her pussy and ass and give her orgasm after orgasm the kind that would anoint her with the fire of the holy spirit. I think she'll be a good girl now
18 & 19 yrs old, petite, religious, taboo, teens