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Hello, I'm Lana.
I'm 21, I moved to NYC when I was 18 to live by myself and I'm currently residing in Brooklyn. My favorite things are cosplaying, anime, pretty food, rilakkuma, cute girls and exhibitionism.
Nice to meet you! SUMMARY OF LANA AND HER HUSBAND'S DRAMA -She was a random 17 year old camgirl and he taught her how to cheat the system of that site with alt accounts sending huge donations they could just refund to each other outside the site's accountability system, which boosted her to number 1 rank. -He became her confidant and managed her money, she trusted him completely and he convinced her to move with him from Canada to the US. So that she couldn't be brought back by immigration or her family against her will, she married him as soon as she turned 18. -He claims to be trans, to heal every illness with the shrooms and drugs he deals and forces his customers to join his cult once they're addicted if they want to continue getting drugs from him. -Lana uses her fame and appeal to help him with this and also to get other camgirls addicted/drawn into the cult because they needed a roommate and Lana opened the door for them or wanted to benefit from her clout and this becomes part of the deal eventually. -Only 2 people are known to have left the cult and one has spoken out, she was attacked by members of the cult online and allegedly irl, as well as Lana's fans whom she uses to attack people that mention the cult's existence, her husband's activities, or just her husband at all really. -She's completely emotionally dependent on him and it's not known if he still manages her money. She has defended and will defend him no matter what. -It came out that they tried grooming a 16 year old italian streamer into joining the cult using Lana to seduce her, having explicit conversations. The streamer's only response to this was posted on a kiwifarms affiliated chan and she stated she doesn't want to speak out publicly because she is afraid of Lana's influence and what her husband is very clearly capable of. -Currently all stream moderators Lana has must be members of the cult and/or buy drugs from her husband, who holds weekly and monthly meetings at their NY apartment where they all get high so he can check they actually are consuming drugs and their level of dependency. This way he gets rid of potential rats or people he just doesn't like or feel right about. Any sexual favors from Lana to mods or possible sponsors depend entirely on his mood at that moment because due to untreated mental illnesses and a known hatred for psychatrists/psychology, he self "medicates" with his own drugs and can fly into a rage from one moment to another with or without provocation.

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