VirtualGeisha - Trained to be a cumslut by my Teacher


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My first ever G/G video with the very cute but naughty Roxycox in 4K! ( She plays the dominant teacher and I am her naughty submissive schoolgirl learning how to be a good cumslut. This video includes lots of messy cumplay and slow motion closeups on the cumshots! Master has taken over the school with his amazing cock and cum that enslaves every girl. Roxy the teacher and headslut of the master, has trained many schoolgirls to be a good fucktoy for master before. A new exchange student Geisha arrives and is not yet trained. Master has ordered the teacher to train the new exchange student personally in a one to one session. Master has given the teacher some special cum to train the girl, it works as an aphrodisiac. Teacher tells schoolgirl to take the special mixture, telling her it will help her perform better. All of a sudden she feels differently and the cum makes her so horny and obedient and she follows all of teacher's orders. She is eager for more and more cum and wants to meet master in person to be his fucktoy. While Geisha rubs herself, Roxy then tells her that the misture was actually master's cum, that's why you are feeling so horny and obedient and now your ready to begin your training. First I am going to show you how to give master a proper blowjob, but first we must remove our clothes. Roxy helps Geisha get out of her clothes as well as her own and takes a toy to suck while Geisha eagerly waits for her turn. She soon gets her chance, still begging for more of master's cum. Roxy explains she will only get more cum if she does a good job and learns to deepthroat master's big cock. She struggles to take it but Roxy guides her by pushing her head down on that replica of master's cock. Roxy then deepthroats the toys and takes a big facial and leaving just a little cum for Geisha which she shoots right in her mouth and over her face. Roxy tells Geisha to play with the cum and fingers her mouth ,Geisha lick the cum of Roxy's huge tits and even licking the cum dripping onto her desk. "Good girl, your a fast learner but you still have more training to complete before you can be a proper little cumslut for master". That one hole down, just two to go. Now you need to learn how to ride master's dick. Roxy sits down on the replica of masters cock and shows Geisha how to ride, "remember you have to take it balls deep, now it's your turn". Geisha isn't sure if she can take it all as she slowly lowers herself down onto master's cock. "Come on you can go deeper than that", Roxy pushes down on Geisha's shoulders to lower her down to the base of the toy. "Good girl, now I'm starting to see what master likes about you, we have earned a reward but I'm always first". Roxy sits back down on the toy and ride sit until she orgasms and gets a big creampie in her tight pussy. Geisha eagerly licks the cum from Roxy's cunt after she gives her permission. Roxy then takes the toy and shoves it in Geisha's little cunt to fill her up with cum...
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