Xev Bellringer - Behind Your Wifes Back


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Whatcha doing in here, Albert? Your wife isn't feeling too well so she took a nap on the couch - I just thought we could chat a little bit...we've never really gotten to know each other. It's no wonder she keeps you on such a short leash, you're very handsome. I don't have the best reputation either. None of her previous boyfriends have lasted because of me. I guess I'm just that irresistible. But I have faith in your marriage...we can have a little fun without her ever knowing. C'mon Albert, just this once. It'll be me, you...your cock, my mouth...and my pussy. I know you want it...I'm way better than your wife. Fantasy includes: home wrecker, virtual sex, infidelity, strip tease, cleavage, seduction, virtual blowjob, riding, big tits, bouncing breasts, virtual creampie, pov sex
Virtual Sex, Home Wrecker, Blow Jobs, POV Sex, Strip Tease