YouthLust - Beautiful April


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This is one of the last April videos. She is looking pretty as always and is very gentle giving a blowjob, then gets fucked and almost missed the facial, but we saved it in the end! ** Things are going dramatically bad for YouthLust. Since some months ago we are descending down the producers ranking, this month maybe we will be third.There's not enough money to keep producing. Other producers split the videos in several parts to keep traffic coming but I try to keep YouthLust as clean and pretty as possible. I would also like to explain how the membership system works. Isis, Alexa and piss videos are not included in the membership. Most other videos are, and I add them when they recover the production cost, now you can see how bad sales have been lately and people leak the videos just days after the premier, not letting recover the investment. This will ultimately lead to the end of YouthLust, and to be honest, who else delivers these amateur, real and beautiful girls in hardcore action? * So this is a turning point for YouthLust and I have come to some solutions. We will give hell a bunch of free vids on pornhub trying to get more traffic this way. And we have opened a brand new Youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe and send questions, we will answer!! ** The only way to get fine looking girls to do porn in Mexico is by offering privacy, but as there is so much piracy all the models get recognized, this is the reason models such as Allison, Isis, Tessa and Alice won't come back. For this reason we will go mainstream and cheaper for the models who want public exposition. We will still have new premium amateur girls, but these videos will be expensive, but believe me, totally worth it.You know I deliver and we have fucking out of this world updates coming (discount codes for verified loyal costumers). I prefer to remain with 20 loyal costumers than many more that leak the videos. ** . About the piracy issue I have to state that sharing vids will only make those girls not coming back. Plus remember, when you pay for a vid you are not really for paying it, but for the opportunity of more being made, literally the more money I have the better looking girls I can get, as simple as that. * On other topic, both April and Alexa are not selling good anymore so they may not be coming back, not because of them, but because of the low sales. April will be back at least for a last bukkake, and we need something more extreme and pervy for Al...
18 & 19 yrs old, amateur, facials, latina, pov

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