YouthLust - Raven's Mini Gang $30


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This is Raven’s second porn vid ever. She has a great attitude and is happy to suck three cocks and then take turns to get fucked by all of them. In the end she receives two cumshots on her face, licks the cum off her glasses and continues to gets fucked with cum on her face until her third facial cumshot. * I really liked this vid. Folow Raven on **. This is the extended 52 minutes edit. Send $30 via “make it rain” and I will deliver the video via email. NO NEW COSTUMERS ** I am aware about how upset I have made my fanbase for restricting access to Raegan’s vid. I have also received comments from costumers feeling I’m not respecting their business cause I sell expensive videos only to lower the price days after. I will respond these concerns and explain what is happening with YouthLust right now in order to hopefully regain the peace and unity we need to keep this project on. As you may know, I started YouthLust in 2017. I had been experimenting for a while and invested in buying a computer, a camera and had enough money to hire girls to produce a handful of videos (I’m talking about the time I produced videos of Elisa, Karen, Diana and the first Emma video). Despite my enthusiasm I was not able to recover the production cost because people in my native country, Mexico, are just not used to pay for porn. I was about to go bankrupt when I was accepted in Manyvids and from there we have formed a community that has helped me bring so many pretty girls into filming their very first adult films. I still remember the users that helped me in the beginnings, I got all the data, I truly thank you for your support. The first year was fantastic, we added several beauties such as Alexa, April, Tessa, Lilly and Rose, Eve, Isis, Allison etc. We also began making the gang bangs and bukkakes. All this was achieved thank to the loyal costumers on Manyvids and also mainly because I offered the girls privacy. I blocked access to Manyvids from Mexico giving the girls some privacy on their home country. They wouldn’t ever imagine this channel would become so popular. Everything seemed perfect, but there was an enemy preying on us: piracy. I have heard comments stating that piracy is good as it is a form of advertising. In my case piracy has only caused suffering for both the models and me. The models have been exposed to unwanted attention and harassment. Most of the girls in YouthLust are true amateurs, they don’t pursue a life as pornstars, they just want to have one porn experience. Still, their personal social media accounts have been leaked and they have faced unstoppable bullying since. I have to state Mexico is a really misogynistic and machista country. Out there there’s real evil people, wanting to blackmail or take advantage of the models. This is nothing the models signed for. I myself have received death threats for the videos being leaked. Right now there are so many pirate channels that prey on my content and ma...
18 & 19 yrs old, bukkake, facials, gangbangs, latina

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